What should be paid attention to in the use of crane wire rope?

Crane Wire Rope

First of all, no matter what type of wire rope, pay attention to the lubrication effect; if the crane wire rope is not lubricated in place and the grease cannot effectively penetrate into the wire rope strand, the wire rope will cause early wire breakage, especially the internal core after long-term wear and corrosion.

Second, the steel wire rope of the crane should pay attention to the kink phenomenon. If the special steel wire rope of the crane, such as 35W * 7 / 4V * 39s + 5FC, is not installed in place, there will be stress phenomenon at the beginning of the installation. Then the steel wire rope without rotation will also kink during the lifting of heavy objects, and some steel wire ropes will bite on the rope arranging drum.

So what if the wire rope head of the truck crane is treated? When installing a new steel wire rope for the crane, the two ends of the new rope shall be tied tightly with thin soft wires to prevent loose ends and strands.

So how to eliminate the kink and undercut of wire rope? In general, when the new wire rope is uncoiled, we should keep the wire rope in a horizontal and natural state, so as to eliminate the stress, so as to avoid the kink phenomenon and extend the service life of the wire rope when replacing the wire rope.

crane wire rope
crane wire rope