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From LKS you get complete solutions in the field of hydraulic steelwork for your lock systems and ship lifts. LKS has already demonstrated its expertise in a multitude of projects. You too can place your trust in LKS know-how! Are you interested in ropes and rope accessories? As a renowned manufacturer and dealer, LKS offers a large selection of steel wire ropes, rope connections and matching accessories as well as a diverse range of manufacturing options, competent advice and reliable service. Place your trust in our long-standing know-how!

The wire rope adjusting device of the hydraulic press introduces the wire rope and the necessary part of the guideway type hydraulic press. Today we know the device for the automatic adjustment of the hydraulic lift of the wire rope. The time variability of the stiffness coefficient of the hoist wire rope is a function of the position of the steel wire rope of the sedan car and the balance weight on both sides of the elevator. The hydraulic automatic adjustment device of wire rope is used for adjusting the tightness of wire rope. The hydraulic pump is continuously entered into the hydraulic cylinder by the motor driven oil fluid, which promotes the plunger gradually rising so that the balance axis gradually rises, automatically adjusts the lifting height of the wire rope, and the hydraulic pump stops working when a certain height is adjusted. The hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic cylinder will close the one-way valve, and the plunger is locked together with the platform. Do not move, stop in the position of action. If it is necessary to reduce the height of the shut-off valve and the hydraulic cylinder, the plunger will move down under the action of self weight, and quickly return to the height or original position that needs to fall. The dynamic stress analysis of the hoist wire rope, during the operation of the hoist wire rope, it is subjected to a variety of stress, such as static stress, dynamic stress, bending stress, contact stress, extrusion stress and twist stress, and so on, and the wear and corrosion will also damage and reduce the performance of the hoist wire rope. Accurate calculation and selection of hoist wire rope is a very complicated problem, a lot of research work has been carried out at home and abroad, but the theory is still imperfect and still lacks a reliable calculation method for practical engineering application. Adjust the height of the load wire rope so that the load is always kept in the horizontal state, so that the balance of the load is moved. It is convenient and quick to adjust the force evenly, and does not need the downtime of the lift truck without affecting its normal work. It saves manpower and material resources, has no influence on the normal operation of lifting mechanism, and has high control accuracy, cleanliness and environmental protection. On the premise of considering the stiffness coefficient of the hoist wire rope, the dynamic stress curves of the hoist wire rope under the two conditions of rigidity and elasticity are compared and analyzed. It is found that the dynamic stress of the steel wire rope of the car side lift is greatly influenced by the whole system considering the elasticity. Moreover, the dynamic stress fluctuates significantly with time, and the fluctuation is smaller and smaller after the stable operation of the lift. The hoist wire rope is an important part of the elevator. It is directly related to the normal operation of the elevator, the safety of the driver’s life and the economic operation of the equipment. Therefore, the analysis of dynamic stress in the selection of wire rope for lift hoist is one of the key factors in the design and calculation of lift. The hydraulic elevator manufacturer reminds you to do regular maintenance work. If you have any questions, you can contact us and serve you wholeheartedly.

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